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Larks in The Park is promoted heavily using programmes, posters, leaflets and banners along with social media and the best form of advertising, word of mouth!

Whether you are a large, medium or small commercial business or someone wishing to dramatically increase the awareness of a charity, community group or organisation, we firmly believe that Larks in the Park 2023 has something to offer you.

Social Media

With social media playing such a large part in everyday life, Larks in The Park will be heavily featured in the months leading up to the day with specifically targeted campaigns to gain as much local exposure as possible.


Our website will feature all sponsors and advertisers on our front page in the form of a logo which will be linked to your own website when clicked upon.

Local Schools/Community Groups

As Larks in the Park is one of the biggest local events of the year, we are delighted with the amount of schools, youth organisations and community groups that 'get involved'. 


Batford Springs, the event ground for Larks in the Park, offers an opportunity to advertise to hundreds of people throughout the day at a very affordable rate by displaying a banner. Whether you have one already or if needed we can get one made for you, we will display it on our show ground throughout the event and then return the banner to you for you to use in the future.


As all charities do, most of the funding needed to put on these community events comes from the ongoing generosity of local and national businesses. We are always looking to put on more and more activities for our local families and are continually looking for larger amounts of funding in order to achieve our goals. If you do own or indeed work in a company which would be willing to sponsor a major attraction on the day, please do get in touch as we would be delighted to hear from you.

Larks in the Park can help you to promote your business to local people. With prices starting from just £10, we really are affordable to most types of business, groups, charities and other organisations.

Website Advertising


Website Costs

 Logo                                        Cost £10                                   



Logo Accepted Formats:-

We prefer high definition formats such as Jpeg & Pdf.

Please email your logo to


If you would like to find out more about sponsoring an activity or ride at this year's event, please contact us:

07794 121965

Full Colour Banner Advertising



Banner Specification & Costs

Giant Banner (landscape)                Dimensions - 8ft x 2 ft          Cost  £60

Large Banner (landscape)                Dimensions - 6ft x 2ft           Cost  £50

Medium Banner (landscape)           Dimensions - 4ft x 2ft           Cost  £40

Banner Accepted Formats

We prefer high definition formats such as Jpeg & Pdf.

Please email your artwork to

If you are providing your own banner, we will contact you to arrange collection.

07794 121965

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